Stone-cum-Ebony W.I.

Stone WI current programmeOur meetings are currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we hope to resume meeting again when conditions permit on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 in Stone-cum-Ebony Memorial Hall. Details of our meetings will be advertised in Outlook on Oxney, but if you have any questions, please contact Joan Banks on 01233 758 323. You are warmly invited to join us.

If you would like more general information on the Women’s Institute organisation, then please visit

Our Institute was formed the same year as the Queen ascended the throne – 1953.

Over the years we have been involved in many activities – our aim is to help our village. A Power of Good in the Neighbourhood was the WI motto and we still aim to make that our main approach for the coming years.

Stone-cum-Ebony WIAll this is achieved by fundraising. What sort of fundraising? A good old favourite jumble sale is always popular and well supported. Supplying afternoon tea, lunches and general refreshments to groups of people who may be walkers, cyclists or on a treasurer hunt – you name it and we have most probably supplied them. Boot sales, again with the famous bacon sarnie. These are usually cooked by members who are non meat eaters – this shows true dedication….

Church kneelers made by Stone WISome examples of what we have given to the village – kneelers for both our churches at Stone in Oxney and Ebony, picnic benches for our children’s play area, new curtains for our village Memorial Hall, planting of bulbs around the village, trees on our recreational field, installing and maintaining the small garden around our village sign to name but a few.

While we try and help wherever we can, we also like to have fun on the way. Mostly eating….cakes, biscuits and outings to local hostelries are always a way to get members together. We formed a small group ‒ The Heavenly Blisteres ‒ when we entertained various groups to raise money for our Institute. We have had various one day courses that have given us an insight to making many things – including jewellery and card making plus various types of sewing.

Stone WI 2013 programmeEach year we have a post Christmas meal together and in June ‒ the month our Institute was formed ‒ we have a celebratory tea to remember members past
and present.

50 years ago our Institute was asked to collate paper cuttings, photographs of events etc that took place for one year to form a village scrapbook. 50 years on this has been repeated, but this time produced in the form of a printed book for people to buy and keep.

Stone WI knickers flagAt our monthly meetings we have, during the course of the year, a selection of speakers on a variety of subjects – from Old Knickers to Hats Galore, travels around the world and life of a Lifeboat man. Not a jam pot in sight.…who said the WI was boring….