Oxney Local History Group

Dave Fletcher, 11 The Street, Wittersham. Tel: 01797 270 701. Email: sndfletch@gmail.com.
Peter Leach, Catts Hill Barn, Catts Hill, Stone in Oxney. Tel: 01233 758 404.

Meetings: These have been disrupted by the covid pandemic but the pattern has been to hold meetings on the last Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September and November, at either the Clubroom, Wittersham Village Hall or Stone Memorial Hall.

The Oxney Local History Group was formed in May 2001.

Membership is open to all who are interested in the local history of the Isle of Oxney – Wittersham, Stone in Oxney and Ebony (Reading Street).

The organisation of the group is a very informal one with a small committee of five people including Dave Fletcher acting as the Coordinator for the Group, Peter Leach as Assistant Coordinator and Kathy Head as the Treasurer.

The aims of the Oxney Local History Group are:

Find and research all aspects of the history of the Isle of Oxney.

Set down a permanent record of all the research undertaken, for the use of other interested parties and future generations.

Inform and Educate
Help others to gain an interest in our island’s history by the regular display of all researched items and artefacts and, if possible, produce a regular newsletter.

Meet up socially with other individuals and groups that share our common interest.

Membership which runs from September to September, and currently costs £4 per annum.  For futher details please contact Dave Fletcher or Peter Leach as above.