Stone in Oxney Church and Village

Tricia Fogden, Priest-in-Charge of St Mary the Virgin, Stone-in-Oxney, KentWELCOME to the website for the church and village of Stone-in-Oxney, Kent, situated near the Kent/Sussex border.

The village of Stone, with the neighbouring hamlet of Ebony, makes up the Parish of Stone-cum-Ebony, one of the parishes which form part of the area within Ashford Borough Council.

The church of St Mary the Virgin serves part of the Isle of Oxney and is one of a group of nine Church of England churches near Tenterden in the Diocese of Canterbury.

The website mainly covers the church but the section on this website entitled Our Village contains pages devoted to various local organisations. The local community magazine is “Outlook on Oxney”.

The church is open for visits every day from 10 am to 5 pm (dusk in winter).


The Kidney Department at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford is raising money for a new Dialysis Unit.  There is a collection box in the church for used postage stamps to help raise funds for this.  An envelope border should be left round the edge of each stamp.


We want to make everyone feel welcome and safe at St Mary the Virgin.  To help with this Rosemary Danny acts as our Vulnerable Adult Coordinator and Child Protection Officer.  Her role includes looking out for those within the church who may need support.  She is also available to speak to about any issues or concerns you may have.  For further information about Safeguarding and our policy please see our Safeguarding page.

Rosemary Danny


On Sunday, 28th April seven gardens opened to the public. It was the first time that such an event had been held in the village since 2006.  Stone Church was open for visits with a beautiful flower display and many of the 200 visitors also enjoyed tea, coffee and a variety of home made cakes and other goodies at the Memorial Hall.  A big thank you to all garden owners, organisers and the many volunteer helpers who made this event so successful and enjoyable.  Our thanks also to Jempsons Superstore at Peasmarsh and the Royal Horticultural Society for their generous support for this event.   Over £1,200 was raised to support the Church of St Mary the Virgin.